Bond Business

Bond Business

This bond in the shape of Performance Bond & Mobilization Guarantee usually provided to the contractors required by the concerned department. If the contractor do not fulfill his obligations according to the agreement heathen the Insurance Company is responsible to compel contractor to complete the job within agreement time. Bid Bond is also necessary to provide the security to employer/Principle from the contractor.

Mobilization Bond

Mobilization Advance Bond is required in cases where the oblige (owner) is pre-financing a contract; he may secure the repayment of the advance by means of a bond called Mobilization Advance Bond.

The amount guaranteed should decrease in accordance with the portions of work performed. By this bond, the Insurance Company guaranteed the owner correct utilization of advance.

In case contractor fails to fulfill their obligation and commit default the insurance company will pay the amount to the owner which is outstanding at that time.

Bid Bond (Guarantee)

Bid Bonds are required in connection with the submission of tenders for contracts with private/public owner. The subject is to guarantee that the bidder (Contractor), if awarded the contract, will enter into the contract and furnish the Prescribed Performance Bond. If the contractor is afterwards unable to enter into the contract and to furnish the required Performance Bond, the insurance company is liable to pay the bond amount to the owner.

Performance Bond

Performance bond is required of a contract (After accepting Bid and awarding of contract) to guarantee the full and the due performance of the contract according to plan and specifications. In case the contractor fails, to perform the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract, the insurance company will be liable to pay the bond amount to the owner on demand.

Bankers’ Blanket Bond

Supply bonds are similar in intent to performance bonds. They are issued for contracts to supply materials, goods, machinery at a specified time and place.


  • Profile of the Company & Contractor List of contracts completed in 5 years.
  • Certificate of Engineering Council.
  • Bank statements, Balance sheets.
  • Nature/ Location of Project.