Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Professionals like Engineering and other Consultants are ever exposed to legal suits due to the nature of their profession. Court cases against consultants in various fields have resulted in the awarding of huge sums of monies to claimants. In view of which such professionals revert back to insurance companies for protection against legal battles.

The rate chargeable is always applied on basis on the limit of indemnity, turn over and the type of activities in which the insured is involved and is very dependent to the nature of works, risks and exposure involved.

Personal Accident

  • Group Personal Accident.
  • Personal Accident cover for individual persons.
  • Family Package gives a discount when the whole family buys one policy.
  • This policy will provide compensation in the event of Death, Permanent Disability or Temporary Disability due to an Accident. Coverage is worldwide. We can add extra coverage that will pay for medical expenses resulting from an Accident.

Fidelity Guaranty

Misappropriation of Company property by staff is a threat to any employer. The potential value of such misappropriations can be large leading to instability of the business.

Third Party / Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance

Any firm or any individual in the normal course of business or other activities may negligently cause damage to the property of others or injury to others. This may result in that person becoming legally liable to such persons whose property has been damaged or who have been injured. Apart from this liability, extensive legal fees may have to be paid. Our Public Liability Insurance policy will pay all sums which a firm or individual may become legally liable to pay as compensation for bodily injury or illness caused to third parties.

Product Liability Insurance

Any firm that produces, repairs, services or supplies goods or products may become liable to users of such goods if these goods are defective in any way and as a result of such defect, the user may suffer property damage or bodily injury. Our Product Liability Insurance policy will pay all sums that the producer or supplier becomes legally liable to pay in such a case including the legal expenses incurred in defending himself in a court of law.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

An employer may become liable to his employee if due to the negligence of the employer the employee is injured at work. Our Employer’s Liability Insurance policy will protect the employer in such a case and will pay all sums that the employer becomes legally liable to pay to his employee as compensation. In addition, it will pay for legal fees incurred in preparing a defense in a court of law. This is similar to Workmen’s Compensation Insurance as explained above.

General Professional Indemnity

Professional lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. run the risk of becoming legally liable to others as a result of not properly performing their professional duties. This may include for instance, the case where a lawyer gives wrongful advice to his client resulting in his client suffering a financial loss. Our professional Indemnity policy will pay all sums that such a professional becomes legally liable to pay as a result of professional negligence. In addition it will pay for legal expenses incurred in preparing a defense in a court of law.

Plate Glass Insurance

Plate Glass is costly to replace and certain businesses find glass insurance an important part of their insurance portfolio. This applies particularly to retail shops, department stores, showrooms, etc. where shop fronts and window displays play an important role in attracting business. The Glass Policy pays the cost of replacement of all external glass following breakage at the business premises. The Glass Policy may be extended to cover special types of glass which are very expensive to replace such as silvered, wired, ornamental, stained, lettered, toughened and armored glass.