Trafco Insurance Company (Ltd)

There are lot of fields in the General Insurance, FIRE & ALLIED PERILS, Marine, Motor & Mics, Machinery Breakdown, Burglary Insurance, Personal Accident, Performance Guarantee, Mobilization Advance Guarantee, Bid Bond Guarantee, Contractors All Risk, Erection All Risk, Product Liability, Public Liability.

In all type of General Insurances the most important factor is Reinsurance & Facultative Reinsurance Arrangements which we have made from Government own Re-Ins. PRCL . WE have the strong Reinsurance Arrangements to cover of all kind of General Insurance Business.

This is the Company that provide highest level of quality service to its policyholders Trafco Insurance Co Lts, (A Member Company of Trafco Group) is a symbol of reliability & convenience . The Company follows sound underwriting policies and provides highest quality services to its every client.

TIC offers another milestone set of features and products for its customers:

  • Auto: Personal cars, commercial vehicles.
  • Industry: Factories, Offices, Houses and households, Aviation – including aircraft insurance.
  • Transit: Personal baggage, Travel insurance.
  • Public Liability and employer’s liability.
  • War Risk.
  • Specialized cover for contractors of all sorts.
  • Buildings, Bridges, Road patch-work, renovation.
  • Construction Machinery.
  • Burglary
  • Workmen compensation, coverage of professionals.

Furthermore, all are products maintain the following standards of service:

  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Least possible insurance rates.
  • Relaxed depreciation.
  • Fast claim lodging and processing.
  • Claim reimbursement in 7 days.
  • Tracking facility 24/7.
  • No deduction on imported cars.